For writers and other creators of fictional worlds, 2019 and beyond needs to be about crafting characters and fictions that don’t support or excuse or ignore colonialism, marginalization, and other forms of oppression. Representation is key to good writing, and it’s imperative that creators learn how to craft inclusive fiction that reflects of the diversity of the world we all live in. This is true whether you’re a novelist, a playwright, or a screenwriter; whether you work in television, in game development, or new media.

All narrative has the power to impact culture and individuals in a positive way or a negative one. It’s up to creators to choose.

This year, Writing the Other is offering four deep dive online courses covering every top-level issue authors face when they set out to write inclusive, diverse fiction. Combined, these four classes have all the content of our original Writing the Other Online courses plus more lectures, writing exercises, and resources.

Deep Dive Into Diverse Characters with Nisi Shawl, Piper J. Drake & K. Tempest Bradford | March 29 – April 28, $350
Deep Dive Into Description with Nisi Shawl & K. Tempest Bradford | June 7 – 23, $300
Deep Dive Into Dialect and Dialogue with Nisi Shawl & K. Tempest Bradford | August 2 – 18, $300
Building Inclusive Worlds (instructors TBA) | November 1 – 30, $400

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We’re offering a discount to students who pre-register for two, three, or all four classes included in this series by March 15th. Writers who pre-register can get up to $350 off the price and guarantee themselves a spot in the courses before general enrollment begins.

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Two Classes for $550

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Three Classes for $775

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